No More 9 to 5!

No More 9 to 5!

Quit Your Job And Start Working For The One
Person That Matters – Yourself!



You think about it every day. In fact, it consumes you. You dream of the day when you can quit your regular job and start working for yourself.

The trouble is, you have responsibilities that you can’t ignore. You might have a family to take care of, monthly bills that just won’t wait, possibly children that rely on you and debt that will continue to pile up like a towering mountain above your head, waiting to swallow you whole.

Whatever has been holding you back from pursuing the opportunity to gain real financial independence through an online business of your own is certainly important and valid. Like many others, you simply can’t take such a huge gamble and risk losing everything if it goes all wrong.

As someone who gave up the security of a regular income to chase after my dream of financial freedom through my own online business, I share your aspirations. I remember what it was like to crave the freedom to work for myself and to pour all of my efforts and energy into something that was all mine, rather than giving the best of myself to an employer who rarely noticed.

And I too remember the challenges I faced when considering my departure from that steady paycheck that I so heavily relied on to support my family.

While I, like you, had faith that I could be successful with my own online business, it was years before I was ready to go “all in.” Faith and determination will be the fuel that guides you towards your dream, but reality and responsibilities will keep you grounded.

In fact, I didn’t budge from my job until I was certain that I would be able to continue taking care of those responsibilities because it was simply the ONLY way I could do it.

If you are genuinely interested in building successful of your own, and you desperately want to leave the daily commute behind you forever, I’m here to show you exactly how you can reach your goals.

There are no risks involved, and no gambles taken when you focus on building wealth one day at a time until you have created a solid, steady and reliable business that will quickly replace your current paycheck.

In fact, I’m confident that once you employ the strategies and ideas featured within this particular report, your current weekly paycheck will quickly look like pocket change.

Let’s begin.

Changing Your Mindset

You are currently an “employee,” and when you make the switch to becoming your boss, a lot of things will change outside of your daily routine.

For starters, your “mindset” needs to change dramatically. Instead of going through the regular motions as you currently do with the job you’re in, you’ll begin to think outside the box. Your creativity will be one of your most valuable assets because your online business will be guided by it, as will your path towards financial freedom.

Your mindset is also important in yet another way. One of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is in sticking to the mentality of a 9-5. Right now, it’s likely that you do a set of tasks every single week at your job. Whether you’re involved in an office position, or you’re working in a labor-intensive job, you are taught and trained to complete specific tasks in a specific way.

That will all change when you start working for yourself. Rather than focusing on one task at a time, you want to concentrate on building a business based on long-term success and automated, passive income.

In other words, you complete the task once – and it continues to pay off for years to come.

Let’s take a look at how you can start building recurring, passive income that will replace your current job.

Strategy #1: Affiliate Marketing

By far, affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make the transition into building self-wealth online, and for many reasons.

To begin, you won’t need a website of your own or even a product. You just choose existing products and services offered by online merchants and build marketing campaigns around them. You then receive a percentage of each sale (commission) each time you recruit a buyer or customer.

Affiliate marketing is not only one of the easiest businesses to get involved in; it’s also one of the most affordable, requiring minimal start-up costs. In fact, many new affiliates have started to make money just by utilizing free online hosting accounts, or web space providers like,,, and

As you become more familiar with affiliate marketing, and you’ve seen some success with your campaigns, you will want to expand your business by registering keyword-driven domain names around the products and markets you promote. You’ll also want to consider building your website so that you can better control the flow of traffic, and begin building your database of customers, and subscribers.

One of the most valuable assets that you can build as an affiliate marketer is a list of your own. A mailing list enables you to connect with your target audience instantly, just with a couple of clicks of your mouse. The more targeted your list is, the more responsive your subscribers will be to your offers.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can get started in affiliate marketing.
ClickBank Marketplace
While affiliates can promote a variety of both digital and physical products, the time and costs involved in building campaigns showcasing digital products make it the popular choice for new affiliates. Within the ClickBank Marketplace, you will be able to quickly browse through new product launches, as well as evaluate current offers based on overall popularity, commissions offered and the gravity of particular products. Gravity is an indication of how successful the product is selling as it combines the number of sales from all affiliates promoting the product.

When evaluating products within the ClickBank marketplace, you should focus on products that have maintained a higher gravity score if you want to eliminate the risks of promoting a product that’s hard to sell. Note that gravity is a weighted sum and not an actual total
When evaluating potential products you first need to determine a niche market. A niche is a particular topic for a market, such as “Acne,” “Relationships” or “Weight Loss.”
A sub niche would be a segment or individual category contained under the main niche.
For example, a niche would be “work at home, ” and a sub niche could be “Freelancing” or “Virtual Assistant Jobs.”
At this point you want to collect as much information as you can, so whenever you see a product that interests you, write down the URL, along with your affiliate link.
With ClickBank, affiliate links are referred to as “hop links,” and you can create your unique affiliate ID by signing up for a free account at
Apart from the type of product you are going to promote, you also need to determine whether you are going to promote individual products or recurring offers.
With individual sales, you are paid a one-time commission fee for each product that is sold as a result of your promotional efforts.

With recurring products that are traditionally set up with a membership structure, you are paid a recurring fee for each month that your referred subscribers remain a member.
You will be able to determine whether a product featured within the ClickBank marketplace is a single sale item or a recurring purchase by the “Future $’ icon.
Here are a few other market places and resources to help you get started choosing potential products to promote: (Associates Program) (directory of networks)

Recommended Resources:
If you’d like to cut through the learning curve and start making money faster and easier, check out and
Both of these resources will help you start making money online so you can quit your job faster than you ever thought possible!

Strategy #2: Recurring Income Sites

Another powerful way to generate recurring income is through membership sites. With membership sites, you can build a recurring profit machine from monthly dues paid out by active members.

Membership sites don’t have to be difficult, nor do they have to take a lot of time.
You could create a member based website around the traditional platform, where you host a members center on your site and subscribers can log into a member account to access content every month, or you could easily create a simple membership program around weekly or monthly emails set up through an autoresponder like

The idea is to choose a specific theme and topic for your membership program so that you can target a particular audience. Not only will this make it easier to maintain your site, but you’ll be able to develop marketing campaigns that speak directly to your customer base.

You want your membership program or offer to stand out from others in your market as well, which means that you need to add clear and distinct value, showcasing how your members benefit from staying with your program.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate value is by offering proprietary content, that is exclusive to your website and not available anywhere else.

Even if you are unable to create this content or material yourself, you could easily outsource the work to qualified freelancers, by hiring writers and content developers from freelance marketplaces including and or through community forums like or

There are also many different types of material and content that you could offer your members as well.
Consider including video tutorials, guides, transcriptions, e-books, and reports. You could also interview experts and authority figures in your market who would be willing to share their experiences and tips in exchange for free publicity.

When it comes to creating a USP for your membership program, consider the format in which you offer content. If your competition is only providing content in ebook format, consider the establishment of alternative material that will give your members options in how they learn (video tutorials, webinars, etc.).

Always look for additional ways to add extra value to your membership program, and engage your members!
While the membership model is a powerful way to generate recurring, passive income, the more involved you are within your membership community, the easier it will be for you to grow and expand your program. Willingly accept feedback from members, and do your best to incorporate their ideas into your updates and releases.
You want your subscribers to be loyal and to remain a member for years to come. Demonstrate your commitment to building a membership COMMUNITY rather than just a website by listening to feedback, interacting with members and remaining active.

Final Words

There are many other ways to build a passive income that will help you generate enough money every month to replace your current salary.

One of the best resources online that will help you organize, strategize and take action with making the transition into running and operating a full-time business of your own can be found at

The objective is to take it slow, one day at a time, while steadily and consistently building your business. When you feel ready, and you’ve demonstrated your ability to generate recurring income over a reasonable period, you’ll be fully equipped to quit that 9-5 and focus 100% on continuing to build and grow your business.

When is the best time to go “all in”? Only you can make that decision. You’ll know when you’re ready, and when you’ve created the foundation that will power your business for years to come.


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