Affiliate Marketing – How Fortunes can be Made

A Guide To Help Entrepreneurs Choose a Business

Are Traditional Businesses expensive to start and maintain?

Yes, the overhead is high, and developing tooling and manufacturing products are time-consuming and costly. Having a few employees and the additional cost of fringe benefits such as vacation pay, health insurance, paid maternity leave, and liability insurance is out of sight. Then there is advertising, carrying inventories of products, and shipping cost can be high.  It is not uncommon that shipments get damaged in transit adding more expense to the business. The problems listed here are just the tip of the iceberg while the other two-thirds of the ice is underwater, and so are all of the additional cost I didn’t mention here.

The Digital Alternative is the Internet

No, internet marketing is not new but is growing at speeds unmatched by anything else that comes to mind. Image result for images of human with a question markThink about affiliate marketing this way, wouldn’t you make more profit if you didn’t have all the expenses for fringe benefits and other cost discussed in the last paragraph?

Typical businesses operate on a 9 to 5 day for 5 or 6 days a week. Your internet business will be on stream 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and is not limited to a local market, it’s visible for people to buy from anywhere in the world. What a great life this is.

Affiliate Marketing is a method of advertising and marketing where the business you refer people to will pay the affiliate a fee for sending potential clients to their website. An Affiliate Marketing is, in essence, a form of advertising that the business doesn’t have to pay for thereby saving the expense of advertising and marketing.  As an affiliate, you will have over five hundred million products available to you to sell, and you do not have to spend a dime for any of it. How great is that?

Most people are aware that Amazon is selling more product than almost all of the major retail stores combined. What most people don’t know is that approximately 40% of Amazon’s business is from affiliate marketers. The beauty of this system is that the affiliate doesn’t have the expense of the overhead and inventories that the retailer has to carry. The retailer also handles all of the shipping for you.

Affiliate Marketing has so many advantages over traditional types of businesses that when you look over your shoulder whatever is in second place is so far behind it isn’t even in sight!

How expensive is it to get started?

The cost of going into business using affiliate marketing is minuscule when compared with any of the other business choices that come to mind. It’s possible for you to reach more customers for only pennies on the dollar. After that, you can contact the customers repeatedly with new offers at almost no cost. This kind of advantage is astounding. When you attract potential customers to your site be sure to entice them to come back over and over again and encourage them to tell their friend about the excellent Web site they have found.

Getting a website started is easy, but getting a website that gets traffic will be the key to enter your store. Once you start getting the traffic, you will begin to build up an extensive list of followers. Having more followers will result in more business. It’s a lot like a rolling snowball, the farther it rolls, the more massive it gets.  Build the website in such a way that the search engines will locate your site and place it on the first page of the search results. The entire success of your business hinges on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A Web page that only comes up on the third or fourth page of search results has very little value. One of the ways to accomplish getting to the top of the first page is to know your competition. Make searches using your keywords and see whose websites come up first. Do not consider the paid ads they have a high rating because they paid for the advertisements. Study the top ten results to learn what and how they got to the top spots. Apply what you learn until you begin showing up on the first page. It doesn’t happen overnight but continues to working at it until you succeed. Whatever time it takes to get the results you want will be well worth the effort.

Image result for inspirational quotes of successful peopleWhen I decided to start my affiliate marketing program, I thought about my present occupation. How long have I been working at it? How much money can I expect to make in the next three years if I keep doing what I’m doing? The answer came very quickly, actually, instantly, I had a “zero” chance of ever making the potential income that is ahead for me in Affiliate Marketing.

What Would You Sell?

You and your associates, if you have any, should carefully strategize what you plan to market. It is crucial that you offer products or information that people want and need. Products with a low price and small commission are very unlikely to make you wealthy. Find products that you are passionate about that have a high cost and substantial payout. Sell products and services people want and need and are in high demand. You don’t want to market products that only a few people want. Look for products that millions of people want. It’s especially true if your products are in demand all over the world. Ideally, your product should be something that has the potential to have a lifespan of several decades.

At Simple Honest Marketing, our favorites are digital products. Digital products can be transferred to your customers in an instant with almost no cost to a worldwide market. Examples of digital products include eBooks, music, videos, information, movies, photos and more. Digital products can generate a high-profit margin without the need of having an inventory or shipping cost. Digital data is probably the fastest growing segment on the internet. I think it’s clear that we favor information marketing for Affiliate Marketers.

An essential part of selling is to give away some products that have value. Giving the first product away even if it cost you some money is worth it to help build your email list. To receive a free product the interested party must give you their first name and email address so you can send them the free offer. In the beginning, you’re primarily marketing for list building. Then your auto-responder steps in and begins to nurture your prospect into buying more products that increase in cost as you build a constant supply of valuable products.

Visualize Yourself After a Few Years

Let’s look ahead a couple of years and see how your business could look. By then you’ll have gained a lot of experience and have become very successful. Your list of names has grown to thousands of subscribers. You’re Related imageearning income beyond anything you thought was possible when you started. Many people receive over a hundred thousand dollars a month. I only mention this as an achievable milestone. If other people have accomplished this income level, it means you can do it also. At this point in your life is when most of your business is working automatically, and you have the freedom to work from your laptop wherever you want including on vacations from any place in the world that has the internet.

Some people who have been in business less than a year are earning several thousand dollars a month just working part-time. The real beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can get started for very little money when compared with other types of businesses. Most of that money is for the educational material from mentors who can accelerate your training period by years. As you advance in knowledge and experience you’ve gained, you could begin marketing your know-how by writing instructional courses on how to succeed as digital products. You could also make videos so people can see you instructing them how to accomplish what you have done. Haven’t you been amazed by how useful it is to hear and see a high powered person showing you how to do things? It’s just like you were there yourself and your followers will feel the same way about you. You don’t have to search very far to see videos from other highly successful people. These techniques have a proven track record. You will find by utilizing this course of action that it will become the principal method for attracting your followers into your funnel of products.  After people study your material, a high percentage of them will purchase more of your information and will be enthusiastic about paying for the value it provides.

Techniques for getting started.

Image result for zig ziglarWhat are you willing to give away to attract people to want to continue to follow you? Giving away your valuable information may seem like an oxymoron when your goal is to sell your useful products not just give it away. We’ll show you how to structure your website so that people will return over and over again, that means you will earn more significant profits. The real key is, the real money comes on the back-end of your funnel. Your customers must be kept in the loop.

At this point, you must automate by using an auto-responder system. How else could you finally begin to enjoy your new found wealth?

Other advantages of internet marketing are that you don’t have to be bugging your friends and relatives to buy from you. You will be selling to people who are looking for the kinds of products and services you have to offer.

The Internet is the Most Potent and Efficient Method for Marketing ever Devised!

With the help of your computer, affiliate marketers can create an online marketing machine that never sleeps. By learning and participating in affiliate marketing, you will harness the power the internet provides. You will move ahead of your competition who are still marketing the old-fashioned way.

Your goal is to gather the names and email addresses of all the people who visit your site by offering some valuable benefits and free information. When visitors subscribe by using this method they are permitting you to contact them. As such, your ongoing contact with them is not spam or unsolicited mail.

I can’t stress enough how vital building this list is to your future success.

The information on this post is only to give you an idea of how simple and powerful affiliate marketing is. The intent here is to inform you on the basics of internet marketing and to encourage and motivate you to take action. Stop thinking that life is what it is and there isn’t any room for you to do more. Be all you can be, let yourself grow into something that will make you proud. Trying something new isn’t foolish. Find something else that you believe in, and you may find out that you love it, and when you build a passion for it you’ll find that being in love with your work is just as important as love for your family. In the affiliate marketing business, you’ll find more time to be with your family and although making more money should not be the top priority the reality is having more money and more time for the people you love makes everything far more enjoyable.

If you are entrepreneurial and have been looking for the perfect business to start, you should not wait another minute to participate in the internet revolution. Sign up for this free course by Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Author. He is going to Show and Teach You How To Make Money Online for FREE.


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