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.A very wealthy businessman recommended a book to me and encouraged me to read it this weekend. He also recommended that I implement its teachings into my business plan. I was pleased that I followed his advise. The book is titled “The GO-Giver” and written by Bob Burg and Joseph David Mann. It was a pleasure to read, and its message is amazingly simple to understand and to implement into your personal and business life.

It’s about a young man named Joe who is looking for the secrets of success. Joe is full of enthusiasm and yearning to succeed. Like most young people he set his goals like everyone is instructed to do. But still, his goals eluded him. It feels like the harder and faster he worked success just seems out of reach for him.

He decides to seek the advice of a legendary consultant named Pindar. Over a period of a week, Pindar introduces Joe to several practicing Go-Givers who are successful in their respective specialties, each in a different field.

Joe learns to change his focus thereby putting his contacts interest first and adding value to the other person’s lives. By making this change, it leads to unexpected results and the success that had eluded him is now in his grasp.

The Go-Giver is the best selling classic that brings to life the old biblical proverb “Give and you shall receive.”

Personally, I found “The Go-Giver” to be an excellent philosophy to follow. Our focus is on marketing and self-improvement, I believe anyone who reads this book will gain a lot of insight into how and why doing what is right to others can be rewarding and enrich your personal and your business life.


The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

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